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Play 18 More

Play 18 More

Play 18 More

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Keep golfing at the 19th hole, during a rain delay, or even during a snowstorm! With your foursome, a friend, or by yourself, try and go low using skill, luck, and the Golf Gods by your side.

Custom cards require the skill of a golfer. Unique dice allow you to shape your shot, and bring the drama of mishits into play. This set includes the custom cards, dice and rules you need to have all the fun of of a round of golf while you Play 18 More!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Catching fire!

Golf buddies can’t get enough! Everyone’s getting their own copy.

Mark W
Fun game!

Fun to play pre or post round. I also played it with people who don’t play golf and they’ve had fun and got super competitive about it!

Michael Catanzaro
Never hit it in the water!

Finally found a way to play golf and keep it out of the lake!

Just Like Golf

This golfer's downtime game is convenient to pick up and start playing after a round, at night, during bad weather. It does a great job of creating a real life golf situations through a card game, just like you are actually playing. Meaning the agony and excitement of hitting certain shots is real. Would highly recommend if you are an avid golfer. Might be a little hard to understand for new golfers. Definately recommended making it more real using side wagers!

Cameron Lucey
Awesome gift!

Received this gift for Christmas and played it with some friends and had a blast! Definitely recommend if you are a golfer