Our Story

Welcome! I'm Jason Lenore, founder of Clubhouse Games and the designer of Play18More. Thanks for finding my site, and I hope you enjoy playing the game!

I grew up playing games with my family, and have been lucky enough to find a group of friends where each time we get together some sort of game night develops. From chess to Catan, war to Lost Cities, nothing is off the table.

After a golf round at Coronado Golf Course I saw dozens of foursomes playing these games in the clubhouse, while talking like they were still out on the golf course. Talking trash with their foursomes, reliving golf shots, talking about coulda woulda shoulda.

They were playing hearts, spades, bridge, etc... and saying We want to hang out after golf, we want to play more golf, but we can't.

So we created a card game that is just like playing 18 more holes, but in only 20 minutes - and can be done in the clubhouse.

We wrote our first ideas on a bar napkin (which I still have) and although this game looks NOTHING like that, it will forever be the catalyst for where we are today!

The game went through dozens of iterations; too simple, math too hard, dice too random. What we have now we feel is the right amount of skill, combined with a bit of luck, and excitement when you win a key hole or drain a clutch putt that make it "...feel just like a round of golf!"

I'm just glad you're here and wish you all the luck and enjoyment Playing 18 More with your friends like I have!