Why make Golf into a Card Game?

'I could have easily broke 100/90/80/70, if only my irons/putter/driver had been working!'

The most common phrase you hear in the clubhouse after 18 holes of #whackfu*k. I mean – Golf.

The only thing better than sitting around, having a beer, and talking about the shoulda/ coulda/ woulda's of the round you just played with the people you played it with is… well… playing it. But we rarely have the luxury to play another 18 and test the theory that we really could have broken 100, or 80, or won that press on the back 9.

But we want to try, we need to try. And we might as well press that bet again.

So I want to make that opportunity for us. To go lower than we ever have before, to win back our money, to salvage our confidence.

How could I help you Play 18 More? A few ideas came to mind:

  • Learn to create more hours in the day.


  • Give everyone enough $$$ for the replay rate.

Wouldn’t get very far (sorry)

  • Help convince your significant others you should play another round

More on this, soon


Those all seemed to have pretty high barriers. So what else do you like to do when you're with 3 great friends and competitors? Card games. So let’s design a game, create a company, market that game, and get it in your hands. A lot of work, but the end result?

The ability to Play 18 More when we really want to. Even if we don’t have the time, it’s dark out, it’s raining, who cares?! Let’s PLAY 18 MORE.


Why didn’t I name it whack-fu*k? I’m asking myself that question right now

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