I have no idea how to do this

I have no idea how to do this

I’m going to create the feeling of playing a round of golf in only 15 minutes. Bombed drives and perfectly flushed irons. Bad bounces and power lip outs. Birdie putts that break into the edge of the cup.

Playing with friends. Trash talk, sidebets, and something to daydream about while at work.

To do this we’ll need to design a game to capture that feeling. We'll have to find partners who will help design and manufacture that feeling. Then start a company to market it, publicize it, and sell it.

I will learn how to this.

Perhaps sharing the ups and downs with you will help on your journey to create something new. And maybe you can share some advice for me along the way!

I've read that “...reality TV was a hit because psychologically we like to watch others struggle in dramatic fashion”. Want to watch this struggle?

Join me each week, and let’s learn a thing or two, together!

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